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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Yet More Rides

Now that Summer is here (well some of the time) there are lots of organised rides available.

Last Sunday we helped out with the Rotary Ride to Elvaston Castle. Poorly attended by the public but we enjoyed ourselves, particularly the get together over lunch at the Castle.  In spite of the poor attendance, lots of money was raised, some by the simple expedient of a new technique called virtual sponsoring where both sponsor and the sponsored stay at home, but money changes hands with no further effort by either party.

On Wednesday next 29th June we have a Rangers Ride along Route 6 to the Cloud Trail to meet up with Sustrans Staff and Rangers to say farewell to Ian Mannion who is retiring after 26 years working for Sustrans on path construction and maintenance, including Route 6 in the Melbourne area and on the  Cloud Trail. Meet at Swarkestone Lock at 10.30am.to ride along Route 6 to the Trent Viaduct. Possible lunch at the Breedon Garden Centre?

On Thursday 30th June we are invited to the White Peak Rangers Ride to look at the exciting new White Peak Loop just North of Matlock. See earlier post from Clyde Hinton.

Sunday 3rd July sees a clash, with two rides, one the Monsal Trail Ride as on the previous post, and the Sheffield Sky Ride, which will be the last in the very successful City Sky Rides which have seen enormous numbers of cyclists out on the closed roads of their cities. Lots of cycling related activities along the 5 mile route, which runs close by the Railway Station. Having, in previous years, attended Sky Rides in Coventry, Leicester and Sheffield,  I will be sorry to see the end of these rides which have done much to further popularise all kinds of cycling.  All good things come to an end eventually, I suppose.

White Peak Rangers public ride - Monsal Trail 3 July


A free, leisurely ride of approx. 3 hours, guided by Sustrans volunteers.

Suitable for all cyclists, with a number of short stops included to hear about the history and heritage associated with the trail from the Sustrans volunteers. 

A "there and back" ride  of easy cycling along the former Midland Railway line. Passing through the 4 tunnels (bike lights if you have them) that were re-opened in 2011, as well as a number of the old stations. 

The route is mostly flat and traffic free. Cycle hire available at Hassop station. Riders will be responsible for the road worthiness of their bike and those of "juniors" for whom they have responsibility

Light refreshments available at Hassop station, Millers Dale station and Blackwell Mill cycle hire.

Meet at Hassop Station Car Park, near Bakewell.
10:15 am for 10:30 start.

Return by 13:30

Monday, 20 June 2016

Glow Worm Walk 10.30 pm Thursday 23 June 2016 from Mickleover Station

There will be a walk to count glow worms on the Mickleover Greenway between Mickleover and Bannell's gate (the second set of gates from Mickleover), starting from Mickleover Station parking area, just off Station Road, almost opposite the Great Northern pub, at 10.30pm on Thursday 23 June 2016.

We should cover the 2 miles or so to reach Bannell's gate around 11.15pm, where people from Etwall, and beyond, can join us.

Previous walks indicate virtually all the remaining glow worms reside between the city boundary at Mickleover and Bannell's gate.

Arrival back in Mickleover should be shortly after midnight. It is possible to spot glow worms from a bike at slow speed. No lights required to see the glow worms|

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Ride over the new Matlock - Rowsley multi-user path Thursday 30 June 2016

Calling all Derby Rangers! You are cordially invited by the White Peak Rangers to share a ride with us over the new multi-user path from Matlock to Rowsley on Thursday 30 June. This essential link in the 60-mile circular White Peak Loop is being built by Derbyshire County Council as part of the Pedal Peak Phase 2, paid from central government funds. The MUP passes alongside the heritage railway Peak Rail’s line, from Arc Leisure to Old Road, Darley Dale. After a short stretch of not too busy road to Darley Dale PR station, the trail continues through the pretty Whitworth Institute park (with a heron if we’re lucky!), then alongside the railway again to Churchtown. From there, a 3-metre wide Toptrek-surfaced path leads to the Rowsley South station and the recycling center. Beyond that, the completed path plunges into a wood at Rowsley and includes a section of boardwalk carrying it over a swamp. There are sections of this which are not complete at the moment but you will be able ride over most of it. Meet 10:25 on platform 1, Matlock railway station (when the train from Derby arrives).

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Egginton Junction Bridge Repair

Some months ago an out of control lorry collided with the parapet of Egginton Junction Bridge knocking a large hole in the wall above the Greenway ( NCN Route 549).
Repairs are now in hand and scaffolding has been erected to give access.  Fortunately this does not interfere with access to the Greenway.

                                                         View from A5132 road.

                                                                  View from Greenway

Friday, 3 June 2016

Derby Ranger Meeting Minutes

Hi everyone,

The Derby rangers met up in May to discuss the aims and directions of the group. Below are the minutes from the group and a summary of the aims. If you want to get involved to help realise these or add your own aims then don't hesitate to get in touch!

Ranger Meeting Minutes



Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Derby Rangers Meeting

Please come along to tonight's Rangers Meeting at the Derby Tap PH on Exeter Bridge at 6pm.
New Group Co-ordinate Adam Batty will be chairing the meeting and the proposal is to formulate a plan for the future activities of the group.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Join us for lunch

You are invited to join the Derby Rangers, past and present, for a casual lunch and informal chat on Friday 29th April at 12.30pm.
The venue is at Don Amott's Cafe at Hilton, which was refurbished earlier this year. The menu is extended and now includes an All Day Breakfast which might those who are not trying to lose weight.
See you there.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Your Next Bike?

They say that the number of bikes that you need is (n+1) where "n" is the number of bikes that you already have.
So how about something different for your next bike, just the job for fetching frozen food from the supermarket on a hot Summer's day.
Here it is then. A snip at £600!

The parasol is removable for days when the sun isn't shining or there are gale force winds.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Manifold Valley Ride - with geology! Sunday 17 April 2016

There will be a ride for the public in the Manifold Valley on Sunday 17 April, led by the White Peak Sustrans Rangers, the first of a programme of rides throughout 2016. 
Please meet at the Hulme End car park (Staffordshire, postcode: SK17 0EZ; GR: SK103593) at 10:45 for a prompt start at 11:00. This is a ride for families, and some geological, mining and railway facts will be explained along the way. The ride will be leisurely and over the traffic-free Manifold Valley Trail and minor roads, and the route is mainly flat. There will be a refreshments stop at Wetton Mill tearooms or bring a picnic! We expect to finish around 15:00.

For full details and any questions contact Clyde Hinton clydehinton5@gmail.com 07855 804451.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Great Northern Run

There were a few problems on the day of the race (Sunday 6th March) mainly to do with congestion around the finish line, which was quite close to Mickleover Station where the Greenway narrows.
Yesterday we (Stefan, Nick and I ) had a meeting with Claire Duffin who is Events Manager for Huub Events and it was agreed that, for future runs, the finish line will be moved back onto the large grass area where the old engine shed once stood and where there is plenty of room.
Also Derbyshire County Council are to be approached regarding some potholes in the tarmac where there was a minor accident during the race.  Under normal circumstances, these are a danger to cyclists approaching the gate 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Mile Markers

The whole length of the Mickleover Greenway is now clearly marked in miles from the gate at Mickleover Station with these coping stones, some of which had previously been hidden in the undergrowth.

It has taken a while to find them all and to clean off the moss which had grown on them, but now they have dried out, we have been able to paint the appropriate numbers on them for the benefit of runners and cyclists who need to check/adjust cycle computers.
There are four stones and the fifth mile comes exactly at Five Mile Gate near Egginton Junction Bridge.

More flailing has been done and the verges from Old Station Close to Heage Lane are affected.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Egginton/Mickleover Greenway News

You will not be surprised to hear that the Greenway is once more blocked by flooding at Egginton Junction Bridge. This has been the situation for several weeks now, and is the longest period of flooding within living memory.
                                       View from bridge parapet looking towards Etwall.

As if that were not enough, the bridge parapet has been struck by a heavy vehicle travelling towards Hilton and a large crack is now evident. It appears to be stable and has been fenced off, but will have to be repaired one day. Fortunately the damage is not on the span of the bridge but towards one end, where there is solid ground below. People on the path are not in danger, nor are pedestrians on the pavement above.

 More signs of devastation on the path between the A516 Tunnel and Heage Lane where Derbyshire County Council have flailed the verge rather severely, but the plants will soon recover from this rather brutal treatment.

 This Victorian House, visible from Heage Lane Bridge, was built around the turn of the century (1899/1900) to house the manager of the adjacent gas works. It has been up for sale since the death of the owner, whose name I cannot re-call, but who was a talented and well known local footballer in his younger days.
The house is now sold, so we will have a new neighbour soon. The two adjacent houses have been sold within the last year or so.

 But as usual along with the bad news there is some good news:-
Here at our favourite cafe..................

The new enlarged verandah is complete just in time for us to be sitting out there in the warm sunshine about to come.

                           Not only that but it incorporates neat parking for a dozen bikes.

                                                          Well done that man, Don Amott!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Race Day

The Mickleover Greenway was transformed this morning for the Great Northern Run organised by Huub Events.  Well over 400 runners competed in the three races, a Half Marathon a 10 km Run and a short Fun Run.
From first light several vans arrived at Mickleover Station with all the paraphernalia for the finish area. Fortunately the start area and HQ were elsewhere, off Station Road.

An unusual view of Mickleover Station through the enormous inflatable finish gantry.
From 9am the runners set off and the leaders later passed through the Greenway gates where Nick and I were marshalling.......

........................led by cyclist Mark Smith of Cycle Derby.

After the sterling work by the Community Payback Teams over recent months, the path was in perfect condition, except perhaps here at Bearwardcote Gate where it had been infilled with earth, which had been frozen hard by the overnight frost. 

 However the passage of 400 pairs of hot feet soon thawed it out and ironed it flat.
For the marshals (left) it was pretty cold standing there for a couple of hours, but we had taken flasks of hot coffee. However, a small bonfire would have been nice.

The organisation was good but imperfect, since the finish area was congested as runners came in.
We are suggesting that, for future events, the finish line should be further way from the Mickleover Gate as there is plenty of space on the large area of good tarmac and adjacent grass. This would give more room for the runners to get over to Mickleover Sports Ground where the awards, tee shirts and bacon butties awaited them.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Great Northern Run

The Great Northern Run, starting from Mickleover Sports Ground on Sunday 6th March is being organised by Huub Events, who also organise the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon which is held in July.
Part of the route on Sunday passes along the Mickleover Greenway between Heage Lane and Mickleover Station. Nick Potter and I have been liaising with the organisers and we will be acting as marshals at Bearwardcote Gate and Bannell's Gate.
There are in fact three races, a 10k, a half marathon and a short fun run all fundamentally based at Mickleover Sports, but the common finish line is just before the Mickleover Station Gate where all previous races have finished.
The 10k Race and the Fun Run start at 9am from Starflower Way (opposite the Mickleover Sports entrance), and the Half Marathon starts at 9.15am.
The Fun Run is entirely on the Greenway but the 10k and the Half Marathon go out on Radbourne Lane round to Heage Lane returning on the path. The 10k runners do one lap and the Half Marathon runners two laps.
All the excitement will be over by about 11.30am.
Prize presentations, recovery etc. will be at Mickleover Sports.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Shock News

The Park Bikeworks in Full Street has gone into administration.
Click HERE for more details.

Monday, 29 February 2016

March Origami Ride in Derby

The Folding Society are running their March Ride in the Derby area on Saturday 12th March
It starts from The Waterfall, which is opposite the Train Station.  All owners of folding bikes are invited and should sign in at 10.30am onwards for an 11am start.
The ride will be about 19 miles long on NCN Routes 6, 54 and 68 with a stop for lunch at the Seven Wells in Etwall.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Elsewhere Happenings

Lots of things happening in adjacent Sustrans areas and they make our efforts look rather trivial by comparison.
Read about new routes North of Matlock and further North in the Peak District in the White Peak Rangers Blog. Direct link to the Blog alongside here.
And some exciting work proceeding on the Bennerley Viaduct and on the Erewash Trail.  Read about this on the Erewash Rangers Blog. Again direct link alongside.

Last Week's News of the Mickleover Greenway

A lot has been happening down on the Trail this last week - mostly good news, but as usual a little of the other.
The Bad News
The path is once more blocked at Egginton Junction Bridge by flooding. This view is becoming a little too familiar.

Several soakaways were installed alongside the path here some years ago, but presumably they are already full of water and any further rainwater has nowhere to go.
The second item of bad news is that the Hilton/Mickleover signpost which stood opposite the Old Station Close Gate has rotted away at ground level and fallen over.  We will restore this by fastening it to a nearby fencepost until such time as the County Council can find resources to  make a permanent job of it.

But now on with the Good News ...............
The Community Payback Teams have now completed the widening work on the path right through from Mickleover Station to Egginton Junction Bridge, and yes including the flooded section which we had them tackle before the flooding.
Also they have widened some of the side paths in the area around Mickleover Station, even including the relaying of the surface of the sloping path up to the Radbourne Gate Housing Development which had been partly washed away during torrential rain.  Fortunately this was close by several lorry loads of Toptrek left over from the flood alleviation work carried out last year.

                     View looking up the Radbourne Gate Path.

                   And a view looking down towards the main path.

Here the side path to Roydon Close on the left is almost unrecognisable.  Last Summer it was all but blocked by excess vegetation.

The Payback Team have also done some work to level the surface at Bearwardcote Gate, eliminating a possible trip hazard for the runners in the forthcoming Great Northern Run on 6th March.

                             Work done at Bearwardcote Gate.

Not only have the Payback Team been working hard but we have also had a visit from the Conservation Volunteers from Burton who have been working in Appletree Meadow, which lies between the lower end of Old Station Close and Hilton Brook at Kingfisher Bridge.  This was the site of a sewage farm in days gone by.
They have made a nice job of layering the hedge which runs along side the Greenway. Pictures below.

 No doubt this will make good strong hedge in years to come.
And two further items -
The 3rd milestone has been located and will be cleaned up and painted along with the others when they have all dried out.
And the dodgy latch on Bannel's Gate is being repaired. The wood screws fell out and we are putting in longer ones.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Another Video

A short video of the ride from Mickleover (Murray Road/ Earlswood Drive) to the Kingsway Retail Park, via Mickmack Park and Brackensdale Avenue.
Click HERE to connect with YouTube.